Throwing, Falling, and Grappling

When Karate became popular in Japan in the early 1900s, the throwing, falling and grappling techniques were discarded to make Karate a distinctive new sport that emphasized striking and kicking techniques, so this is how the general public usually views Karate.

Traditional Karatedo is a more complete martial art, however, and has always included throwing, falling and grappling techniques. Karatedo Doshinkan has continued this tradition and has never been practiced as a sport.

Doshinkan students first learn safe falling methods and are used to falling on various surfaces, such as mats, grass, floors, etc. This is very practical and takes away the fear of falling. Then they begin simple throwing and grappling techniques and gradually develop these skills.

Many women and girls feel that grappling is not a very appealing activity for them. However, self defense situations commonly end up on the ground and a woman should have the skills to deal with this situation.