Kata means “a model, a form, or a pattern”. It is a formal, prearranged sequence of movements that are ingeniously put together by the foremost masters of the art. Kata has been the main component of training in most traditional forms of Chinese and Japanese martial arts for centuries.

Intellectually, kata serve as a database of the principles of Karate movement, fighting strategy, etc. However, kata are designed so that they develop us physically, emotionally and mentally, whether we intellectually understand them or not.

Each kata, in its own unique way, develops our basic technique and instills in us the right patterns of breathing, timing, etc. Kata training leaves us refreshed and intensifies our spirit. Kata done with the right understanding and practice methods fosters a high degree of health.

Karatedo Doshinkan has an exceptionally rich kata curriculum, which originates from and includes most of the traditional Okinawan Karatedo kata of all types. In addition, many other kata have been developed by the founders of Karatedo Doshinkan and represent a new and powerful era of Karatedo development.