Karatedo Doshinkan does not specialize in a single type of martial arts technique, but follows a long tradition as an all inclusive martial art. Its physical techniques include blocking, striking, kicking, throwing, joint locks, grappling, traditional weapons, and more. This is not a modern amalgamation of several martial arts, but the original, traditional Okinawan Karatedo in its entirety that includes all these kinds of techniques.

The mental side of traditional Karatedo is also stressed in the training. Reigi (traditional courtesies), dotoku (positive character traits) and the development of high intensity spirit are woven through the training.

Karatedo Doshinkan offers training in several formats:

- training once or a few times each week.

- training with an advanced instructor.

- training alone to refine our skills.

Special training
- for a few days at a time with the leader of Karatedo Doshinkan, Hanshi 10 Dan N. Ichikawa, usually held twice each year in the USA, or with the more advanced teachers of Karatedo Doshinkan in the USA.

Summer training
- Optional, very intense trainings of several days duration with Ichikawa Hanshi, usually held in Europe or Japan.