Karatedo in the USA

Starting in 1970 the founders of Karatedo Doshinkan, Hanshi Isao Ichikawa and Shihan Nobuo Ichikawa, began visiting the United States to teach. Many people who had studied other forms of Karatedo for many years quickly recognized their Karatedo as the most authentic and far reaching that they had ever seen, and Karatedo Doshinkan quickly developed a large following.

Many Americans have gone to Vienna, Austria to train extensively with Hanshi Isao Ichikawa, and Hanshi Nobuo Ichikawa, some for a period of years.

Visits by Hanshi Isao Ichikawa continued, generally twice per year, until his death in 1996. Visits by Hanshi Nobuo Ichikawa have continued to the present, generally twice each year, and have included visits by many senior ranking members of the honbu dojo (world headquarters) in Vienna. All members of Karatedo Doshinkan in the USA, regardless of rank or experience, have the opportunity to train with Hanshi Ichikawa when he visits.

Anko Itosu Sensei
brought Karatedo out of secrecy,
and proved its value by teaching it to school teachers and children.

Kanken Toyama Sensei
preserved Okinawan Karatedo in its entirety.

Isao Ichikawa Hanshi
and Nobuo Ichikawa Hanshi
ushered in a new era of Karatedo,
and offered it to the world.

Nobuo Ichikawa Hanshi
guides Karatedo Doshinkan into the future
in a way that only he can do.