In 1967 Hanshi 10 Dan Isao Ichikawa moved permanently to Vienna, Austria. Soon after that he was joined by his brother, Shihan Nobuo Ichikawa, and together they founded Karatedo Doshinkan. Thus began a new era of traditional Karatedo.

Hanshi Isao Ichikawa & Shihan Nobuo Ichikawa (1970)

People have gone to Vienna from all over the world to learn Karatedo Doshinkan under these two great teachers, and they have traveled extensively to many parts of the world to teach.

We are grateful to our Karatedo Doshinkan brothers and sisters in Vienna, Austria, for welcoming Hanshi Isao Ichikawa, and Hanshi Nobuo Ichikawa, to their country, and helping them to establish and develop the Karatedo Doshinkan Honbu Dojo (world headquarters).

Hanshi 10 Dan N. Ichikawa
From 1967 to 1996 Shihan Nobuo Ichikawa trained and taught with Hanshi Isao Ichikawa as if he was his shadow and was groomed as the successor of Karatedo Doshinkan.

Shortly before Hanshi Isao Ichikawa’s death in 1996 he conferred the rank and title of Hanshi 10 Dan to Nobuo Ichikawa, who is now the leader of Karatedo Doshinkan. No one has a clearer picture of the purpose and meaning of Karatedo Doshinkan than Hanshi N. Ichikawa. He offers us a treasure trove of traditional Karatedo.