Karatedo is a form of traditional Budo (martial way of life). It is commonly thought of as a way to defend oneself from attack. Although self defense skills are included in the training, the Karatedo experience offers much more.

There are many styles and systems of Karatedo. This particular form is called Karatedo Doshinkan. It continues a long tradition as a way of individual development through group training. It provides an environment for improving our health, understanding ourselves and our relationships with others, and learning to become the best we can be in every area of our lives. As such, it is not a sport, and there are no competitions, tournaments or sparring matches.

Beginning students are led step-by-step through the basic techniques and principles of the training. The fitness level of the beginning training starts very gently, with an emphasis on injury prevention and safety, and gradually progresses in a way that allows us to take our health and fitness to whatever level we choose. Basic self defense skills are included in the basic classes.

Intermediate training helps students learn more by the traditional method of developing their observation skills. Training at this level includes more advanced self defense applications, kata (formal training patterns), partner training, throwing, falling and grappling, and the study of the many traditional Karatedo weapons.

Karatedo Doshinkan is a worldwide organization lead by Hanshi 10 Dan N. Ichikawa, one of the foremost authorities of traditional Karatedo. His honbu dojo (world headquarters) is in Vienna, Austria. Doshinkan members from all over the world travel to train with him, and he leads international trainings in various countries every year. Hanshi Ichikawa usually visits the USA twice each year.

Karatedo Doshinkan has branch dojos (training halls) throughout the United States. If you have any questions about the training, please feel free to contact a dojo near you.